Summary: The Snap, Grab & Go Tote is superbly designed. Teresa Fields has put much thought into this tote's design, so that it is easy to make, extremely versatile, good looking, and best of all, very useful. The tote is reversible in two different ways. First, the tote can be turned inside out, so the lining becomes the outside of the tote. Secondly, the optional detachable vinyl liner can very cleverly double as the outer tote. Simply lift out the vinyl liner and place the original tote inside the vinyl liner tote. Voila! You have a new tote! This adds one more dimension to the bag. You have another fabric option to change the look of the tote. Also, if it's a rainy day or the tote will be placed in a damp area, the vinyl will keep the inside of the tote dry. There are eight pockets, optional snaps for closure, and the option of a key fob. Indeed, this is a verry cleverly designed tote!
The Snap, Grab & Go Tote is a perfect tote for the beach, the pool, a picnic, quilt retreats, kids' over-nighters, and sporting events. Teresa selected a spirited focus fabric with colorful matching fabrics. The Snap, Grab & Go Tote project would make a great half-day class.
The Grab & Go Quilt is a wonderful companion piece for the tote. Even though this striking quilt looks complex, it is very easy to make. Teresa designed this carefree quilt to be simple in construction. This quilt can be a stand-alone project or it can be combined with the Snap, Grab & Go Tote. This deceivingly easy-to-make quilt makes an excellent one-day class.