Joen Wolfrom

Joen has been part of the quilt-teaching and designing scene for 30 years. Although she loves many styles of quilting, Joen particularly enjoys creating textile art that celebrates the beauty of nature and  working in an innovative fashion with traditional quilt designs. Joen is noted for both her color use and her use of simple, clean design lines in her textile art and quilts.

One of the pioneers of contemporary quiltmaking and the innovator of two genres, Joen's landscape textile art, innovative log cabin quilts, and free-flowing curved-pieced quilts have brought her international acclaim. Joen created commissioned textile art for corporations, public institutions, and private clients for more than a decade. She has taught and lectured around the world in color, design, and her innovative techniques for more than a quarter century. 

Joen has authored fourteen books and products. Her latest book Adventures in Design will be released in the fall of 2012 and joins Joen’s other books, including Visual Coloring, Color Play, Landscapes &Illusions, The Visual Dance, The Magical Effects of Color, Patchwork Persuasion, and Make Any Block Any Sizes. She is the innovator of the popular 3-in-1 Color Tool.

Joen is the owner of JWD Publishing, a pattern company that prides itself in publishing high-quality patterns for quilters of all skill levels and interests.

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