Cindy Walter

When Cindy is at home in Hawai'i with her husband Michael, she begins each day by drinking coffee on her lanai, as she absorbs the natural beauty of the ocean and tropical gardens that surround her. This quiet time sparks her creativity before she steps into her studio for the day. Hawaii is miles away from her Iowan childhood home where Cindy learned quilting at the knees of her grandmother. Their shared love of quilts led Cindy to develop further her creative talents and interests in quilting.

Cindy's quilting has evolved over the past decade in many ways. Her love of painting has led her to explore painting her quilts. Hence, Cindy has developed unique patterns that offer beautiful projects that can be made with either paint or fabric―whichever suits your fancy. If you are a bit reticent about making a painted quilt, you will be happy to know that an upcoming painting book will be released soon. It will focus on everything you need to know about creating painted quilts.

Highly successful in her quilting endeavors, Cindy is eager to share her ideas, talents, and techniques through teaching, lecturing, and writing. Snippet Sensations, a book introducing an innovative technique developed by Cindy, was presented a 1996 PRIMEDIA book award. This contemporary quilting technique brought international awareness to Cindy, giving her the opportunity to share her ideas and techniques to quilters in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Cindy has written nine quilt-related books. Her articles and quilts have appeared in many magazines including McCall's Quilting, Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting, Quilting Today, and Traditional Quilts.

Cindy was  the hostess of the former PBS show Quilt Central. She is also a regular hostess for, a free public TV show for quilters on the internet. For more information about Cindy, her books, gallery, supplies, and other offerings, visit her website at To learn more about Cindy’s Hawaiian Quilting retreats, visit