4th &6th Designs

4th &6th Designs by Mary Hoover and Barbara Persing

Mary and Barb are award-winning quilt artists who are the very successful designers of 4th & 6th Designs. These two quiltmakers bring a refreshing flair to the quilts they design. Born the fourth and sixth children in a close-knit family in south Jersey, they make a great design team. These Jersey girls were taught garment sewing at the young age of ten by their mother. These childhood sewing experiences were the humble beginnings of an on-going great quiltmaking career for both of these talented women.

Skilled in all areas of sewing, Barbara began quilting in 1983 during the long New England winters while her husband attended the University of New Hampshire. She moved to Pennsylvania in 1990 and continued quilting as a hobby. Barb left the corporate world in 2000 to start her long arm quilting business, Quilted Heirlooms. Mary began quilting in 1992 when she moved to upstate New York. As a stay-at-home mom, she needed a creative outlet and immediately knew quilting was the answer she was looking for. She began teaching quilting classes in 1993 and opened a quilt shop in 1999. Despite living 300 miles apart, Barbara and Mary began collaborating shortly after the start of their businesses. This collaboration quickly turned into a business partnership that resulted n their successful pattern business 4th &6th Designs.

Quilts by Mary and Barb have been exhibited in numerous shows and published in many quilting magazines. Recently, they authored the book StrataVarious Quilts. The strength of their book and quilt designs, as well as their energetic and enthusiastic personalities and strong sewing skills, have made this sister team a popular teaching duet.

For more information about Mary's and Barb's teaching schedule, workshop listings, book, and other information, visit their website at www.4and6designs.com. You may learn more about Barbara's long-arm quilting services on her website www.barbarapersing.com.